Uniform Policies



The Board of Trustees, staff, students and College Community have affirmed that Nelson College is a school that wants a uniform and that it should be worn well. Uniform helps instil a sense of identity and purpose. Self-esteem is enhanced by wearing a uniform with pride. If students feel good about themselves, they are very likely to perform better at school.

Responsibility for implementation

1. The Board of Trustees will ensure the policy is reviewed every two years delegates implementation of the policy to the Headmaster and Management Team

2. Headmaster & Senior Leadership Team  will implement the policy will ensure that staff, students and the community receive clear information and guidelines as to the College’s uniform requirements

3. Teaching staff  will be responsible for following monitoring the uniform standards in their classes will follow the disciplinary procedures in the Staff manual with respect to dealing with students who are not in correct uniform.


1. Wearing uniform well helps send a positive message about the college to the community at large.

2. The Nelson College Prospectus outlines the college uniform and all parents sign a declaration when they enrol their sons that they will abide by school rules.

3. The wearing of uniform well is a collective responsibility. Parents should insist that students leave home correctly dressed or provide a note explaining temporary failure to comply with the uniform standard.

4. In cases of genuine financial hardship, parents must contact the college. The college is always sensitive to need and may be able to assist in outfitting students.

5. All teachers have responsibility to monitor the uniform standards.

6. The consequences of not wearing correct uniform are: (a) Students should receive one warning then items of jewellery, caps or other non regulation uniform must be taken from students, labelled and handed to the Deputy or Assistant Principal. These may be collected by the boys at the end of the day or by parents. (b) Students must receive a detention for a subsequent uniform offence. Students must be referred to the Deputy Principal or Assistant Principal for the next offence. It is never acceptable for a teacher to not bother or care about enforcing uniform in their class. Non regulation uniform must be taken from students, labelled and handed to the Deputy Principal or Assistant Principal. These may be collected by the boys after one week. (c) In the event of continued offending, parents are to be contacted and students could be sent home to get correctly dressed. NB: Students could be sent home if not correctly dressed.

7. Students are able to purchase their uniform through the Nelson College Uniform Room, run by the PTA.

8. The college jackets are only available from the college uniform room.

9. The PTA operate a second hand uniform shop as part of the Uniform Room.

10. No visible jewellery of any sort is acceptable. This includes ear studs and bone carvings (there may be exceptions on appropriate cultural occasions).

11. Hair must be neat and tidy and if long, must be tied back. It must be of a style and colour that is acceptable to the management of the school. Note - dreadlocks, mohawks, ‘rats tails’ and extreme styles are not acceptable. Hair must be of a uniform and natural colour

12. Only the caps available from the College are part of school uniform.

13. A blue/white T-shirt or College PE shirt can be worn under the shirt.

14. Uniform should be worn well, notably socks should be up and shirts tucked in.

15. Socks should not be worn with sandals

16. Students will be clean shaven.

17. International Travel Any group travelling overseas should discuss dress code, standards and expectations with the Management Team as part of the travel approval process. Uniform expectations (if any) will depend on the events and the scheduled travel. Smart nonuniform items or a travel uniform (tracksuit etc) could be considered as an option for travel especially on lengthy journeys. Any formal occasions where students are representing Nelson College or identified as part of the College should wear long regulation trousers, a long sleeved white shirt, college tie, and appropriate black footwear. A blazer can be considered if practical.

18. Boarding Travel (on public transport) Boarders travelling home for weekend leave or at the start and end of each term, must be dressed in formal uniform (No. 1s) unless directed in writing by the Director of Boarding. Conclusion: The college appreciates the support of the whole community for the enforcing of our uniform standards. This policy will be publicised at least once each year and all new enrolments advised of it. The Uniform Room will display copies of this policy and photographs of the correct uniform. The Leadership Team has discretion to rule on all matters of uniform not covered in the policy. Review The Uniform Policy will be reviewed every second year and any changes recommended to the Board of Trustees via the Leadership Team